• "After a very tough year, I came out on the other side. I wouldn’t have made it through without Building Better Caregivers. I’m so grateful for BBC because it did build a better Caregiver in me."
    - Rachel, BBC Graduate

  • Building Better Caregivers is an online program to help Caregivers
    Learn to manage stress
    Deal with difficult emotions
    Get support from other Caregivers

    Join BBC
    If you are a Caregiver and you or your Vet are enrolled in VA Healthcare, call 1-855-260-3274 to sign up.

Who can enroll in BBC?

Building Better Caregivers is an online program to help Caregivers of Veterans or Veterans who serve as Caregivers for someone with dementia, memory problems, post-traumatic stress disorder, a serious brain injury, or any other serious injury or illness.

Either the Veteran whom the Caregiver is caring for, or the Caregiver must be enrolled in VA Healthcare.

  • A Convenient 6-Week Online Workshop

    Learn practical ways to manage everyday fatigue and stress.

    Discover how to manage difficult behaviors and feelings when caring for a Veteran.

    Make good decisions and future plans for loved ones and yourself.

    Connect with other Caregivers who understand what you are going through.

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Safe and Anonymous

Safe and Anonymous

Create an anonymous profile so you can communicate comfortably with workshop peers.

Fits your schedule

Fits your schedule

With the online program, you can login in at any convenient time or day to connect to useful information and support.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

Get full access to an alumni community for continued support after your online workshop is completed.



BBC Participant

"I felt like it did build a better caregiver in me. You felt like you were talking to another human being who understood exactly what you were going through and just offered love and support. We knew that we weren't alone."

Helping Caregivers Take Time for Themselves

Call the Caregiver Support Line to sign up. Join a community of Caregivers who understand you and are there to help.